Professional Music Video Production in Chicago

We help artists and musicians create unique music videos and artistic video clips by covering all aspects of production.

Music Video Production – Chicago

We can work with your concepts or offer our own ideas, in addition to our production expertise. We can work with all sorts of budgets and timeframes.

When preparing for a music video production we go over the concept with the artist, put together a production crew, and start location scouting, getting shooting permits, arranging logistics and transportation, creating schedules and everything else that comes with live video capture.

We develop and produce music videos for musicians of all shapes and sizes. We created start-up band promos, covered live events, shot complex multi-camera music videos.
If you have a song and the desire to create an unforgettable music video, our team will take care of everything else.

Music videos are where we really can be creative and use unique styling specifically created to fit your video expectations

A Different Kind of Music Video Production Company in Chicago Area

A typical music video production requires about a week of pre-production, one to three days of principal photography (video capture) and about a week of proper post production and fine tuning.
We are capable of creating music videos that range from simple in-studio music videos to more complex short form films. From video clips with VFX effects, 3D modeling, projections, green screen and CGI we take story telling to another level.

Music Video Media Icons

We exist to create unique music video for you…